Bathing a newborn baby

Baby BathThe presence of children is a happy moment for a family. To bathe newborn babies should not necessarily mean her body flushed with water in the tub. But it can also be simply done by wiping the face and certain parts. How to care for baby skin? To bathe the baby, choose the times when you’re not in a hurry and are not distracted by other things such as the arrival of a neighbor or a ringing telephone. Avoid bathing the baby after her feeding or eating. Better to wait a while until his stomach adjusts intake who had just entered.

Some babies may sleep better and longer after a bath. This is why in addition to cleanse the body of a baby, you can take advantage of this activity as a balm for the baby, especially in the afternoon. But you need not worry if the baby is born not long ago looked uncomfortable and struggled when washed. This is a normal thing. Here is the best situation to be conditioned when bathing the baby.

After the baby is larger, you can more often bathe in a plastic tub. Cranium newborns have not yet formed strong, then you need to be extra careful when rubbed baby shampoo to wash her hair. Clean shampoo gently with a damp cloth under running water. Avoid contact with eyes baby shampoo. The newborn baby does not actually need soap. Enough water is warm. Avoid scented soap as it can cause irritation. Also avoid soaps that generate a lot of bubbles as it can make the baby’s skin becomes dry. Use soap with moisturizer when the baby is older.

Get used to communicate with the baby while bathing him. In addition to making him relax, communication can make learning to listen and speak. Besides talking, smiling and singing is the best way to communicate with the baby.