Foam Matresses: The Sleep You have Been Dreaming About

One day you wake up, and it hits you. It’s time for a mattress replacement. Despite spending a large portion of our lives in our beds, we tend to hesitate before investing in a quality mattress. But why? Sleep is one of the key elements to leading a healthy life. We constantly nourish our bodies through food and exercise. Why not also nourish our bodies with well-deserved sleep? It’s time we pamper ourselves during our REM cycles.

Recent developments in the sleep industry ensure just that. Introduced originally as a “space age” idea, the foam mattress has become a staple in the bedroom. Although all mattresses yield different results for different customers, foam mattresses boast some of the highest industry ratings in customer satisfaction. Even more recent developments have ensured maintenance of satisfactory body temperatures, avoiding that 4:00 a.m. toss of the blanket and flip of the pillow.

If your find yourself waking up to aching pains, your mattress springs could be the culprit. Eliminating pressure points brought on by the traditional spring mattress, mattress foam offers the weightless solution your body seeks with every 2:00 a.m. toss and turn. Your body’s natural heat will allow the foam to soften and form to your natural body curves and lines, encompassing you in the sleep environment your body craves. As a result, you will enjoy many hours of additional sleep, without the constant tossing and turning.

Boasting durability and comfort, foam mattresses from The Foam Factory continue to satisfy consumers, delivering much-needed quality sleep to our busy lifestyles.