How to Replace Sun Damaged Patio Furniture Cushions

The more you use your outdoor furniture, the more you expose it to damage from the elements. In particular, furniture left in the sun runs the risk of growing burned and faded over time and with extended wear. Fortunately, if your outdoor furniture is primarily wicker with cushions, it is relatively easy to find replacements for the damaged pieces without having to buy entirely new sets of furniture.

First, find out the manufacturer of your furniture. Many sites will sell replacement cushions for furniture from a variety of companies — for example, you can find replacement Lloyd Flanders cushions on many different websites — so be sure you know the exact brand and name of the item of furniture you’re working with. Next, take measurements for the cushions you are planning to replace.

If you can’t find the cushions you’re looking for by searching for the specific item of furniture, there is still a chance you can find a cushion that fits if you know its measurements. When you shop at a site like Wicker Paradise, you’re bound to find a good selection full of several shapes and sizes.

At this point, it might also be helpful to know what sort of fabric you want for the cushion cover. To avoid having to buy wicker replacement cushions again for a while, choose lighter colors, as these reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. Also, look into covers made of cotton, linen, or polyester, as these are more fade-resistant. This will assure that your new cushions will last longer.